The Chemistry of Color

Date/ Tuesday, April 7th

Time/ 1pm-2pm

Location/ Scott Group Studio, 1025 N Stemmons Frwy, Ste. 751

Credit/ 1 CEPH & 1 CEU

We know that for designers, color is a fundamental aspect of inspiration and creativity as they create beautiful environments for their clients. More specifically, the rugs and carpets that are specified are among the highest-impact statements you can make. Whether subdued or stunning, they’re inevitably a focal point in any environment.

The Chemistry of Color is an engaging exploration of four specific scientific elements of color;  the physics of color –what color really is, the biology - the physiological dynamics that enable us to see color, the psychology of color - how it makes us feel and the chemistry of analyzing and matching color in custom carpet projects, and dyeing practices that ensure optimal sustainability.

Andy Kahn

Vice President of Sales | Scott Group Studio

Andy Kahnke grew up in rural MN and has lived and worked in Tokyo, Abu Dhabi, and New York. A student of Art History, he is a self-professed book worm: educated wherever he can get his hands on a good book or engage in a thrilling conversation. Working in the luxury home sector for over 12 years, Andy has led sales, marketing, merchandising, showroom design, and textile design for American and European luxury brands.

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