Merging the Outdoors with 

Kitchen Design

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Date/  Monday, April 12

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Combining outdoor with both indoor and outdoor spaces is a key request from homeowners in today’s building market.  As revealed in a recent survey of architects, rooms that have seen particularly strong growth in popularity over the past year include outdoor living areas and rooms. Almost 63 percent of residential architects surveyed report that interest in outdoor living areas/rooms are increasing, while fewer than 2 percent report interest to be declining. The increased enthusiasm in outdoor living has pushed this special function room to the top of the most popular list.  Architects and designers are being asked to specify outdoor spaces, in particular kitchen spaces, that are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing.  With the renewed energy surrounding biophilic design concepts, architects and designers must understand best practices for outdoor kitchen design, as well as appliance considerations that are available.  Overall, the form and function of the outdoor kitchen space must be well thought out and designed in a way that promotes safety and wellness for the homeowners who enjoy it. 

Brianne Bowers


Brianne Bowers is the Trade Representative for Architects and Designers in the North Texas, Oklahoma and North Louisiana markets.  She has been finding solutions for clients in the luxury appliance market for 20 years. Her passion and expertise help clients harness memorable, enjoyable and efficient cooking experiences in their home. Brianne enjoys cultivating relationships in the design community while being a resource for Architects and Designers.