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Design Trends to Promote Outdoor Living
     Tuesday, October 1st, 3:45pm - 4:45pm    
     Brown Jordan, 1617 Hi Line Drive # 460

Spending time outdoors is a proven stress-reliever and has many health benefits.  Carolyn Walker, of Brown Jordan, will give an over-view of design trends in outdoor furnishings, so you can give your client every reason to enjoy the fresh air.

Caroline Walker
Brown Jordan

Caroline Walker is the Business Development Manager for Architects and Designers in Texas and Oklahoma. She has been working in the industry for three years.  Born and raised in Dallas and then moved to California and Austin. She loves that her husband finally moved her back to her hometown in Dallas, where she's enjoyed seeing people she grew up with who are now in the industry.  Caroline enjoys building relationships in the design community and is constantly looking to be a resource here.