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Designing the

Multigenerational Kitchen

Credit/ 1 barrier free CEPH

Date/  Tuesday, April 12

Time/ 1pm - 2pm

Location/  Nomads Loom, 1525 Slocum St.

The Living In Place Institute represents the future of home design incorporating the principles of universal design, aging-in-place, multi-generational living, wellness, and accessibility.  Homes for everyone is an important concept for our future.  Children have the same needs as a person who is elderly….the need to be safe in their home. The physical anatomy is basically the same for everyone, just the size changes.  It is important to create an environment that allows all those living in that home to be safe – healthy - comfortable.

Since the kitchen is the room that is the gathering place for everyone whether they are a resident of the home or just a visitor, we will focus on the creation of a safe – healthy - comfortable kitchen for everyone.

Objectives for this program

*Describe how to design kitchens that will be Safe – Healthy – Accessible for all ages, shapes and sizes.

*Analyze what makes a kitchen ergonomically compatible to a multigenerational home

*Identify the reasons that the kitchen needs to be designed for everyone.

LaDonna Eriksen

Living In Place Ambassador

LaDonna has been an educator all of her life.

She taught in the Omaha, NE area for 41 years with the final 24 years teaching Anatomy/Physiology and Genetics to health care pre-professionals. Her knowledge of the function of the human body is what she attributes to much of her understanding of how correct design is invaluable to making a home accessible, safe, and healthy.

Her involvement with design and construction began in 1985. She has worked with many clients creating unique environments in their homes.

​She is especially proud of her work in the area of developing beautiful and functional kitchens and bathrooms. The design, development and construction of their forever home is her greatest achievement in her field to this point. LaDonna used many of her past unusual concepts in their home, and came up with some outside-of-the-box creations that surprised craftsmen working on the house. She hopes that their home will lead a movement in the residential construction industry to build all homes that are accessible, safe, healthy, beautiful and connected environments for everyone.

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