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The Art of Glass
1 sustainable CEPH
     Thursday, October 3rd, 4pm - 5pm   
     Baker, Dallas Design Center, Ste. 790

How does the “Art of Glass” Inspire you ask?  This presentation will provide insight into the molten world of handblown glass.  We will walk you through the meticulous realm of sculpting 2400 degree molten glass, composing mixed media compositions and transforming a dream into a large scale reality.  Inspiration, perspiration, and the incredible world of Handblown Glass will “Inspire”!

David Gappa
Vetro glassblowing Studio & Fine Art Gallery

David Gappa of Fort Worth, Texas discovered and embraced his love of art from a very early age, honing his skills in numerous artistic mediums... painting, sculpting, sketching and drawing.  David spent over a year in Europe studying these various mediums of art, including Murano, Italy with the glass artisans.

David earned a Masters Of Science in Architecture Degree and graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1998.  During his studies at UT, he discovered his passion for glassblowing while assisting with the founding of the university's glassblowing program and participating in the glassblowing elective for two years.  Thus began his vision of opening Vetro Glassblowing Studio, which came to fruition in May of 1999.

David chose glass as an artistic medium for many reasons: the complexity of color and light; the classic beauty of glass; the challenging mental and physical discipline required; and the poetic and seductive nature of molten glass.  For him, working with glass is the magical act of translating the ethereal into solid form.  The creation of each piece is a journey as he strives to trust in the path the glass chooses for him.. a trail of color, form and function.