Oriental Rugs as a Sustainable Design Element

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a la carte offering

Date/  Monday, October 26

Time/ 2:15pm - 3:15pm

Location/  Arsin Rug Gallery, 1025 N Stemmons, Ste. 747

13 CEPH block offering

Date/  Tuesday, October 27

Time/ 2:15pm - 3:15pm

Location/  Arsin Rug Gallery, 1025 N Stemmons, Ste. 747

Join long-standing Dallas rug expert, David Rejebian, for a discussion on the sustainable materials used in Turkish rugs.  You'll discover how the natural fibers, which come from sheep, make all the difference.  Rejebian will provide insight into the Oriental rug weaving process, starting with the importance of how the sheep are cared for.  David will offer further details on the weavers, designers, dyers, and finishers and why Oriental Rugs are an excellent sustainable design element for your clients.

David Rejebian

Oriental Rug Expert

David Rejebian knows rugs.

An established and trusted source, he is well-known in both the public and design community for his wide-reaching knowledge and expertise. He continues his family's tradition of focused knowledge and education.

It began in 1934...


Vahram Rejebian, an Armenian immigrant from Hadjin, Turkey, began to realize the American dream, when he opened the Oriental Rug Department in the Titche-Goettinger Department Store in downtown Dallas.


Strengthened by his struggle to survive during the Armenian massacres in Turkey, he arrived in Dallas with an enthusiasm that propelled him to become the leading authority on Oriental rugs in Texas.


Vahram built the rug department at Titche's into THE place where residents of Dallas, and all around Texas, came to buy Oriental rugs. Customers enjoyed the experience of "going downtown to see Mr. Rejebian" to not only purchase rugs for their homes, but to learn about them as well. In fact, customers would sometimes refer to their rugs as a "Rejebian carpet." 

In 1955, Vahram's son, Myron, joined him at Titche's. Together, they became a formidable team. In fact, few rug men ever developed the knowledge, from a scholarly standpoint, that Myron had. In 1972, he helped found the Oriental Rug Retailers of America, a group dedicated to the education of the consumer and the development of sound business practices.


In 1977, David Rejebian became the third generation to join the family business. From working summers in the rug cleaning plant to helping deliver rugs, and as Myron's son, it was probably his destiny to join his father and grandfather in the business : 

"I have had probably the two best teachers possible. Even with all the rugs, I've handled and books I've read, I learned the real intricacies of this business from my dad and grandfather.

In 1982 we moved from Tiche's to our own building in Snider Plaza, then into the Dallas Design Center, back to Snider Plaza, and in 2016 it was up to North Dallas - the last Rejebian retail storefront. 

Now, in my last chapter of my Oriental Rug career, I have joined Arsin Rug Gallery to help offer Dallas the broadest selection of both new and antique rugs in Dallas."

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