It's a Material World

Date/ Tuesday, June 23

Time/ 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Location/  Nomads Loom, 1525 Slocum Street

Credit/ 2 CEPH and 2 CEU

Experts have suggested that we are currently in the Age of Materials. At the very least, new materials are entering the market at a phenomenal rate, while innovations in material sciences promise to dramatically change design. Additive manufacturing, Ai and biomimicry- to name a few -are creating new disciplines and specialties.  Fascinating scientifically tailored products and materials such as transparent wood, acoustic wallpaper, lab leather, graphene and emotionally-reactive fabrics can give design professionals an edge when dealing with internet-search savvy clients and aggressive competition. This seminar explores the link between materials, wellness and sustainability in interior environments and surveys high impact materials by category. You will leave with the resources needed to create healthy, safe, and sustainable interior environments that have the wow factor to make your proposals difficult to ignore. 

Deb Barrett

Industry Forecaster

Deb Barrett has a broad and varied background and experience that is a rare mix in this industry. She is driven by the desire to inspire and energize her fellow design peers by sharing her knowledge and experience about her two passions- design and trendspotting. 

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