Sustainable Lighting Design for Kitchen & Dining
Credit/ 1 CEPH & 1 CEU
Date/  Tuesday, October 26
Time/ 3:45pm - 4:45pm
Location/  Amara Stone & Tile Boutique, 1435 Slocum St.


New trends in kitchen and dining room planning bring wonderful design opportunities for lighting these spaces. This course covers the essentials of basic lighting design, design tips and techniques, and solutions to common challenges and concerns for lighting the kitchen and dining area.  The benefits of using LED bulbs for all light sources will be discussed throughout.

*Understand common lighting terminology and the difference between light source choices and will be able to apply this knowledge for effective functionality, safety and appearance of the kitchen and dining area.

*Learn basic lighting design techniques, including light layering, sizing guidelines, and how to select lighting for common kitchen and dining layouts. They will be able to apply these techniques to integrate beautiful and practical lighting plans into these areas.  

*Learn techniques for lighting the new trends in kitchen and dining design, such as open-concept floor plans, and be able to solve the challenges of lighting these areas.  

*Learn how to select and be able to specify kitchen and dining area lighting that bridges cultural, health, and safety needs for different segments of the population.

Michelle Gross

Richard Alan & Associates

Michelle has enjoyed a variety of roles in the lighting industry drawing on over 23 years of experience.  Her passion for lighting has provided the opportunity to collaborate with architects, interior designers, electrical contractors, lighting designers, and consumers in delivering solutions for the desired vision.

Recent changes in the industry have brought on a new chapter for Michelle with Richard Alan & Associates as an independent sales representative for lighting and home product manufacturers.

Michelle is excited to be the Vice President of the Dallas IES chapter, an active member of WILD (Women in Lighting & Design) and an ASID industry partner member.