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Biophilic Lighting Design: A Natural Connection
Credit/ 1 CEPH & 1 CEU
Date/  Monday, October 25
Time/ 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location/  Brown Jordan, 1405 Turtle Creek Blvd.


In today's world, people spend more time inside, and our connections to nature, natural light and green spaces have declined. Biophilic design brings elements of the outdoors into the built environment, fulfilling people's biological, inherent need to connect with nature. By emulating the qualities of natural light, echoing natural forms and shapes, and utilizing organic materials, new lighting designs can satisfy biophilic needs, resulting in improved health, well-being and productivity. This presentation explores ways that advances in lighting technology and a sustainable, creative approach to lighting fixture design provide solutions to achieving biophilic design goals in residential and hospitality spaces.  The benefits of using LED bulbs for all light sources will be discussed throughout.

In this one-hour session, you will
* Learn the history of biophilic design and be able to explain how it fits into current interior design philosophy.
* Review the health and well-being benefits of biophilia and recognize how lighting mimics natural light patterns and supports circadian rhythms.
* Learn about advances in lighting technology that provide the beneficial qualities of natural light and be able to implement them in an overall interior design plan.
* Explore the exciting design possibilities created from sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, and how they enhance health, well-being and productivity.

Michelle Gross

Richard Alan & Associates

Michelle has enjoyed a variety of roles in the lighting industry drawing on over 23 years of experience.  Her passion for lighting has provided the opportunity to collaborate with architects, interior designers, electrical contractors, lighting designers, and consumers in delivering solutions for the desired vision.

Recent changes in the industry have brought on a new chapter for Michelle with Richard Alan & Associates as an independent sales representative for lighting and home product manufacturers.

Michelle is excited to be the Vice President of the Dallas IES chapter, an active member of WILD (Women in Lighting & Design) and an ASID industry partner member.

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