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Pairing Wellness with 

Exceptional Design

Credit/ 1 CEPH

Date/  Monday, April 11

Time/ 2:15pm - 3:15pm

Location/  Arsin Rug Gallery, 1025 N Stemmons Frwy, #747

Never before have interior designers held the current influence to improve the health and wellbeing of our clients. Three of Dallas' thought leaders discuss the power of implementing cutting-edge wellness components into your design projects. Shelly Rosenberg of Acorn & Oak specializes in Universal and Adaptive Design principles with a focus on Sensory Integration. Award-winning Ginger Curtis, author of Beauty by Design, crafts spaces that are physiologically and spiritually fulfilling beyond functional needs. Building Biologist Elizabeth Showers (one of 3 in Texas) illuminates the potential hazards of intimately living with modern industry and technology and how to protect your clients' safety and wellbeing.  A book signing will follow this "not to be missed" course.


Shelly Rosenberg

Ginger Curtis

Elizabeth Showers

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Advance purchase available
via event registration

Shelly Rosenberg

Owner, Acorn and Oak

It is at the heart of Acorn & Oak by Shelly Rosenberg that all spaces should be accessible and inclusive, beyond being beautiful. While raising her 3 children, who live with ADHD, Autism and Down Syndrome, Shelly realized that families navigating various disabilities are vastly underserved. Utilizing her design experience, she feels called to create spaces that not only inspire but assist and empower those with disabilities; at all ages and stages. Shelly works together with fellow interior designers and their clients to develop environments that help foster mental, emotional and physical well-being. Shelly has been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, Business of Home, Veranda, AD Pro and House Beautiful.

Ginger Curtis

Urbanology Design

Ginger Curtis is an award-winning interior designer, book author, Instagram Influencer, and serial entrepreneur. She is an expert in modern luxury design and has a passion for all things beautiful. After surviving cancer, she began Urbanology Designs in 2015 to inspire and help others elevate their homes' beauty, comfort, and function. Ginger is known for stunning and inspirational design. Her distinctive ability to connect with clients and bring their dreams into reality has led to multiple "best of" awards for design and customer service year after year. She's appeared on several TV and radio shows, podcasts and featured in over 100 magazines and digital publications. Her new and highly acclaimed book, "Beauty By Design," is available nationwide. She is a professional member of the BBB, Interior Design Society, and Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. She resides in Keller with her husband Eric and their five beautiful children.

Elizabeth Showers

Invincible Life

Elizabeth Showers is a successful entrepreneur whose award-winning jewelry design career spanned more than 20 years and led her to Building Biology. Her true love during her design days was based on inspiring others to feel better about themselves and was deeply aligned with influencing personal well-being.  Elizabeth’s design aesthetic comes naturally, having grown up surrounded by incredible design by her mother, well-know interior designer Jan Showers.

Elizabeth Showers began her jewelry career after recovering from an eating disorder at age 20. Her successful recovery, healthy life choices, career and lifelong design inspiration still didn’t stop the many challenging years of severe insomnia, fatigue and brain fog that Elizabeth experienced in her late 30s and early 40s. These challenges were the primary impetus to her current career in Building Biology.
Elizabeth is now a Building Biology specialist, with a passion to help people limit toxins on, in, and around their space. She assesses air, water, and light quality, as well as measuring and mitigating harmful EMF levels that come from hidden and often invisible sources of toxins and chemicals you might never expect. Building Biologists use the latest technology to discover what and where those sources are coming from, create a mitigation plan best suited for their clients, and educate clients on the best preventative measures. Elizabeth’s mission is to help you create work and living spaces to upgrade your health following the principles of Building Biology. Elizabeth combines science with practical solutions to help educate and empower you on your journey to improve your health.

Elizabeth’s Building Biology journey started in 2018, and through simple fixes at home, she now sleeps peacefully and feels great in her family’s now healthy-curated home.

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