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Seamless Flooring: A tale that might be as old as dirt

Credit/ 1 Sustainable CEPH

Create your Own 

Date/  Monday, April 12

Time/ 1pm - 2pm

Location/  Interior Resources, 1620 Oak Lawn Ave

 CEPH block 

Date/  Tuesday, April 13

Time/ 1pm - 2pm

Location/  Interior Resources, 1620 Oak Lawn Ave

Course overview:

  1. History of Flooring Terrazzo to Linoleum

  2. Through the years with Flooring surfaces with no thought of sustainability “PVC and Plasticizers and VOCs Oh my!”

  3. A better era, a better product

  4. Don’t tell me it’s impossible!  Then came Liquid Lino

  5. Terrazzo installed with no smell?  It doesn’t crack?  It doesn’t yellow? 

  6. Samples:  Apples to apples comparison of…… Traditional Epoxy Terrazzo vs Bio Polymer Terrazzo from Duracryl.  Traditional Linoleum vs Duracryl’s Corques Liquid Lino

Stacy and Bas

van Genderen

Duracryl International

With backgrounds in corporate sales and leadership Bas and Stacy, his wife and partner in business are continuously building sustainability within their business both for our environment as well as for their family.  "You can only make a difference if you think different” They are creating a better world by bringing Duracryl’s Carbon Negative floor covering products to the market in the U.S. Together their careers expand over several industries including the fashion industry, the wood floor industry, corporate business by way of Walmart Corporate offices both in finance and WM Realty and a combined 25 years submersed in the flooring industry....all of this and a tiny bit of theatrical experience to add to their life experience.

They are passionate about helping their clients learn what something as simple as flooring can do for the carbon footprint of their companies.

Stacy, along with her experience in theatre brings a measure of drawing her audience close to her heart. She truly believes that as humans we are individual in every fiber of our being as are the elements used in the building and design industry. Wise choices are essential to bring these “fibers” to healthy fruition. She believes in the sustainability of both a healthy world that we can leave to the generations that come after us as well as raising little humans with the same sustainable mindset.

As added dimension Bas is Dutch. He is direct, to the point, a bit mischievous as well as witty and enjoyable to listen to. The dynamics between the two will have you laughing out loud and learning about the environment from a “floor peddlers” perspective. They also consider themselves as self-proclaimed award-winning wine tasters (emphasis on self-proclaimed) w/ the knowledge that no wine is well digested without pairing it with a nice Dutch cheese...they have been known to travel with and share their blessed Dutch cheese.