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Sustainable Design Strategies to Combat Stress

Date/ Monday, October 17
Time / 3:45pm - 4:45pm
Location / Nomads Loom, 1525 Slocum 
Credit / 1 sustainable CEPH

Like you, your clients are beyond busy.  They may be running corporations, managing hundreds of people, or overseeing complex challenges that demand every fiber of their being.  They may be managing family schedules, medical issues for their loved ones or carrying the weight of the world in worry.  Creating sustainable interior spaces that encourage restoration and relaxation is of great value to minimize stress on a daily basis.  Discover sustainable materials that enhance these designated spaces and can actually further promote well-being and health.  

Stacy van Genderen and her husband Bas are committed to creating a better world by bringing Duracryl’s Carbon Negative floor covering products to the market in the U.S..  Stacy is passionate about helping their clients learn what something as simple as flooring can do for the carbon footprint of their companies.

Leaning on her background in theatre, Stacy has a knack for bringing the audience close to her heart. She truly believes that as humans we are individuals in every fiber of our being as are the elements used in the building and design industry. Wise choices are essential to bringing these “fibers” to healthy fruition. She believes in the sustainability of both a healthy world that we can leave to the generations that come after us as well as raising little humans with the same sustainable mindset.


Stacy van Genderen
Duracryl International