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The Evolution and Impact of the Kitchen

Date/ Wednesday, October 11
Time / 1pm - 2pm
Location / Poggenpohl,
1804 Hi Line Dr
Credit / 1 CEPH 

The modern kitchen is a staple in our everyday lives, but was it always at the forefront of the design decisions for a home? Learn about the evolution of the kitchen from ancient civilizations to today’s kitchen. How did the kitchen operate in Ancient Roman homes, Native American villages, French chateaus, and other communities throughout time? This course will uncover why certain principles and disciplines exist in kitchen design and provide you an understanding of how historical events can shape how we use our homes. Additionally, we’ll learn how societal, industrial, and technological advances regularly impact design. Discover iconic kitchens throughout history and identify game changers in

kitchen ideology that affect the way we design and use our kitchens today. Reflect on the impact of famous kitchens and homes from the big screen and popular TV shows on modern trends and inspiration. We’ll also look at the innovations in the materials and products used in kitchens that have shaped kitchen design. Use what you’ve learned to imagine how kitchens and homes of tomorrow will look and feel and how to provide kitchens for your clients that are ahead of their time and timeless.

Ashley Keating is a designer for Poggenpohl, the leading brand for luxury kitchens made in Germany. She has been designing kitchens and baths for nearly 20 years, and her work has been seen in Kitchen & Bath Design News, D Home, Modern Luxury Interiors, and Luxe Magazine. 

Ashley Keating

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