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Designing a Completely Accessible Home

Credit/ 2 barrier-free CEPH

Date/  Tuesday, April 12

Time/ 10am - Noon

Location/  Amara Stone & Tile, 1435 Slocum St.

When LaDonna and her husband decided that they wanted to build a new home, their first priority was to make sure that it would be a home where they could live for the rest of their lives.  It was important that it be accessible and safe, yet beautiful and connected (meaning it needed to have smart home attributes).  WIth 37 years of design and construction experience, the challenge was not designing the home, the challenge was finding the products that would allow for some of the concepts that were ultimately built into the home. 

Don't miss this program that will:

- Demonstrate the development of the layout of the home and indicate why it was so important 

- Examine the path to locating the products necessary to create the necessary attributes of the home

- Discuss the concepts of smart home technology that are important to an accessible home

- Discover the features in the home that make it accessible, healthy, and safe for everyone from birth to final days.

LaDonna Eriksen

Living In Place Ambassador

LaDonna has been an educator all of her life.

She taught in the Omaha, NE area for 41 years with the final 24 years teaching Anatomy/Physiology and Genetics to health care pre-professionals. Her knowledge of the function of the human body is what she attributes to much of her understanding of how correct design is invaluable to making a home accessible, safe, and healthy.

Her involvement with design and construction began in 1985. She has worked with many clients creating unique environments in their homes.

​She is especially proud of her work in the area of developing beautiful and functional kitchens and bathrooms. The design, development and construction of their forever home is her greatest achievement in her field to this point. LaDonna used many of her past unusual concepts in their home, and came up with some outside-of-the-box creations that surprised craftsmen working on the house. She hopes that their home will lead a movement in the residential construction industry to build all homes that are accessible, safe, healthy, beautiful and connected environments for everyone.

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