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Stacy van Genderen

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Andrea van Zwet

Interior Design and

Climate Goals 2030
Credit/ 1 CEPH sustainablity
Date/  Wednesday, April 13
Time/ 9:45am - 10:45am
Location/  Interior Resources, 1820 Oak Lawn Ave


Don't miss the opportunity to sit in on a dialogue between two important thought-leaders in the sustainable interiors industry.  Stacy van Genderen is back for an encore and will continue to share insights on her work and vision for sustainable flooring and environmentally responsible efforts within the design industry.  Andrea van Zwet will partner virtually and speak on her perspective of the advancements in the sustainability movement.  As the Global Business Development Manager for Actual, a leading creative and industrial 3D print manufacturer for architecture & interiors, Andrea has much to share on the shifts that are coming to the industry.  This course is guaranteed to be thought-provoking and will offer attendees the inspiration to continue to design with sustainability in mind.

UPDATE - Due to a family matter, both speakers will be VIRTUAL.

Stacy van Genderen

Duracryl Global Flooring

Stacy van Genderen and her husband Bas are committed to creating a better world by bringing Duracryl’s Carbon Negative floor covering products to the market in the U.S..  Stacy is passionate about helping their clients learn what something as simple as flooring can do for the carbon footprint of their companies.

Leaning on her background in theatre, Stacy has a knack for bringing the audience close to her heart. She truly believes that as humans we are individuals in every fiber of our being as are the elements used in the building and design industry. Wise choices are essential to bringing these “fibers” to healthy fruition. She believes in the sustainability of both a healthy world that we can leave to the generations that come after us as well as raising little humans with the same sustainable mindset.

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Andrea van Zwet


Aectual's Global Business Development Manager, Andrea van Zwet is responsible for establishing new partnerships worldwide and growing the scale and number of Aectual projects of any scale and typology.

Andrea has a clear vision on innovation and technology’s impact on future sustainable design. For Aectual, Andrea works on a diverse portfolio of projects & partners around the world including the U.K., Europe, United States, Nordics, Singapore, and the Middle East.

With a background in International Sales and Commercial Design focussing on growing businesses both quantitatively as qualitative, Andrea has extensive knowledge of what Aectual has to offer and of the global market, Aectual is operating in.

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