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Achieving Compliant Spaces & Accessibility Updates


Date/  Thursday, April 25
Time/ 1pm - 2pm
Location/  Nomads Loom, 
1525 Slocum St
Credit/ 1 barrier free CEPH

This course will look at achieving accessibility for different types of projects. We will look at the scoping and the specific accessibility elements for different type of projects. Learning objectives are: 1) Discuss the basics for achieving compliant spaces for different scopes of work. 2) Review the scoping elements for different types of scopes and construction. 3) Determine the elements of an accessibility plan review and post construction site inspection. 4) Review and discuss the updates for accessibility requirements for ANSI and proposed changes to the Texas Accessibility Standards. 5) Review and recap general construction lessons learned and common inspection errors. 6) Look at Frequently Asked Questions from recent projects and lessons learned.

Ron Davis

owner, Ron Davis Consulting

Registered Accessibility Specialist Ron Davis is Owner of Ron Davis Consulting. He leads his team and brings years of experience, customer care, and understanding in all phases of the process. Ron became an Independent Contract Provider of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Architectural Barriers program in 1999 and developed with the program as a Registered Accessibility Specialist with the Department. Over the years Ron has worked with some of the top professionals in the area, which has expanded the knowledge base of other accessibility guidelines, building codes and requirements in Texas as well as other states. His goal is to help ensure that every person has access and is welcome any place and at any time.

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