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Lighting Techniques - Circadian Rhythms & Human Physiology


Date/  Wednesday, April 24th
Time/ 9:45am - 10:45am
Location/  Baker McGuire,
1025 N Stemmons Frwy, Ste. 790
Credit/ 1 CEPH

Learn how natural light affects the human body and how you can incorporate lighting designs to improve the lives of all your clients.

  1. Explain how light affects the chemistry of the human body.

  2. Construct a selection list of products that will enhance lives through lighting designs.

  3. Incorporate lighting designs into clients' homes which will enhance their psychological as well as their physiological health.

LaDonna Eriksen

Construction Education Consortium, Founder

LaDonna has been an educator all of her life. She has extensive education experience with over 45 years of teaching with the final 24 years in the classroom at the Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Nebraska teaching Anatomy/Physiology and Genetics to Health Care pre-professionals. Her extensive knowledge of how the human body functions are what she attributes to much of her understanding of how correct design is invaluable to making a home functional, safe, and healthy to meet the individual family’s needs.

Her involvement with design and construction began in 1985. She has worked with many clients creating beautiful, yet functional environments in their homes. Her first work with a Full Access home was in 1990 working with a woman in a wheelchair, before the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed.

She is especially proud of her work in the area of developing kitchens and bathrooms that meet the needs of today’s blended families and the functional changes that may occur within those families.

LaDonna used many of her past unusual concepts in designing the home that she and her husband Mike designed and built in 2020. She has established many outside-of-the-box designs and solutions that surprised craftsmen working with her.

To make living easier for her clients, she incorporates smart technology, human-centric lighting, biophilia, and wellness concepts with classic features.

LaDonna served on the NKBA Nebraska/Kansas Board for 11 years including President for 4 years and is currently a Founding Partner and President of the Construction Education Consortium.

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