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Low-Maintenance Plants for Luxury Spaces


Date/  Wednesday, April 24
Time/ 1pm - 2pm
Location/  Arsin Rug Gallery, 
1025 N Stemmons Frwy, Ste. 747
Credit/ 1 sustainable CEPH

Our need to maintain a connection to nature - for our physical, physiological and emotional well-being - has been understood by artists, scientists and designers for many years.  And most people have known it intuitively ever since the advances of industry began to separate us from natural surroundings.  Today, the benefits to our bodies and minds of this contact with nature are being understood in more and more details.  Bringing nature into the built environment in the form of indoor plants, comes with a multitude of benefits, but also many challenges.  This presentation addresses those challenges to give you more confidence when using indoor plants to elevate your design and your clients health.

Shane Friesenhahn

The Botanical Mix

Shane Friesenhahn, Owner and Principal Designer of The Botanical Mix, has honed his raw talent over more than 25 years in the business and is known as a leader in the design industry, pushing boundaries of traditional botanical art with each arrangement.

Shane’s signature style is sculptural, playing with color, texture, fresh and preserved botanicals, crystals, and other organic materials — a true botanical mix. His work is designed to delight each of the five senses, inviting nature into the home through fresh and permanent collection for interiors, weddings, special events, and holiday occasions.

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