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A Beducation


Date/  Wednesday, April 24th
Time/ 11:00am - 12:00pm
Location/  Baker | McGuire, 
1025 N Stemmons Frwy, Ste. 790
Credit/ 1 Sustainable CEPH

This course provides a thorough outline of considerations to address when specifying linens for higher-end projects.  Naturally, sustainable fibers are paramount for several reasons. 

Learning Objectives:

·    Luxury linens: an investment. Good sleep = Good health

·    1/3 of our lives spent in bed

·    Defining the ideal sleep environment 

·    Why foundations matter: mattress pads/protectors, down, down alternative and silk

·    Quality/Natural fibers: the importance of natural versus synthetic fibers

·    The right temperature: why linens matter

·    Sateen versus percale: how do you select one over the other?

·    Why personal preference matters

·    Bonus: Bath Linens! How to specify based on climate and care

Brad Cleveland

Peacock Alley

Brad Cleveland has been with Peacock Alley for more than 18 years. Brad has worked in multiple areas of the business over the years; from Product Development to Purchasing to Managing our Peacock Alley Showrooms to currently managing multiple sales organization nationwide as our National Sales Manager.


Brad’s history in the luxury linen business gives him a unique breadth of knowledge that covers the design, manufacturing and sales of bedding and bath products. He regularly hosts educational events around the country.

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