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The Power of Sleep and Importance of
Sustainable Fibers

Date/ Monday, October 17
Time / 1pm - 2pm
Location / The Luxury Bed Collection, 
                    1444 Oak Lawn Ave, Ste. 316
Credit / 1 CEU & 1 sustainable CEPH

We will explore the sleep needs during a lifetime, the impact of good or poor sleep on our bodies, how to get better sleep, and how to design a bedroom that promotes good sleep through sustainable fibers.

Mary Pat Wallace, founder of The Luxury Bed Collection, is a 30-year veteran of the

design industry. Committed to sourcing the highest-quality, bespoke mattresses

and sleep products from across the globe, Mary Pat and her team of experts have

spent over 17 years helping clients transform their lives through sleep.

As a young entrepreneur and mother, Mary Pat found herself struggling with lack of

sleep — a problem she knew she had to remedy in order to fulfill both of her

important roles. Research and a friend’s recommendation led her to visit the famed

European mattress manufacturer Hästens, where she realized the impact a

perfectly fitted mattress of exceptional quality can have on restorative sleep. As a

design industry veteran, Mary Pat recognized the value of the bed as the most

important piece of furniture in the home; a place where we spend one third of our

lives, and a key element for optimum health and productivity. Having witnessed

firsthand that the right mattress is critical to a deeply restful night of sleep, she

brought that experience and her unique expertise to the luxury market in Chicago,

opening the first Hästens retail store in North America in 2005.

As her business evolved, Mary Pat rebranded the business to Chicago Luxury Beds

in order to expand her curated offerings, later opening Dallas Luxury Beds as well.

In 2021, having enjoyed continued success by creating a science-based approach to

matching clients with the perfect bed, the company expanded yet again, opening a

Naples showroom and uniting all three retail stores as The Luxury Bed Collection.

Mary Pat is realizing her life’s passion as she continues to work to further her team's

reach and their ability to help clients create environments that are deeply restful

and can truly transform health and wellbeing through sleep.

Mary Pat Wallace
The Luxury Bed Collection

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