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Advancements in Lighting and Home Automation

Credit/ 1 CEPH
Date/  Monday, April 11
Time/ 11am - 12pm
Location/  Cantoni Trade, 960 Dragon St.


Date/  Thursday, April 14

Time/ 10am - 11am

Location/  Brown Jordan, 1405 Turtle Creek Blvd

The technology behind lighting and home automation is becoming more advanced every day.  The demand for this automation is increasing just as fast!  Dana DeVance, owner of DeVance Electronic Lifestyle, will provide you with the information you need in order to steer your clients in the directions that best suit their needs.

Dana DeVance

DeVance Electronic Lifestyle

Dana is an active owner, overseeing financial operations and implementing company culture strategies, as well as sculpting the growth of the company through general internal processes to fit the DeVance vision. Dana believes  in empowering her employees to flourish in their roles, helping make DeVance a sought after company to work for as well as a memorable company to do business with.  Dana also underscores the importance of service to our community, thus she participates in numerous programs facilitated by The Rotary Club of Dallas, and was President of the club in 2018 – 2019. Dana also encourages the DeVance team to give back by participating in community outreach programs, including Feeding Children Everywhere, annual Bike Rodeo events teaching kids safety on riding their bikes, supporting local police officers through small acts of kindness like baking and delivering cookies to police stations, and helping with teacher awards programs each year.  Dana is married to Matt DeVance, who is the Founder and President of DeVance Electronic Lifestyle, and after 20 years of marriage and soon to be 20 years in business together, they still make quite a dynamic duo!

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