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Neuroaesthetics in Interior Design:

Creating Emotionally Enriching Spaces

Book Signing will take place following the course.

Date/ Tuesday, October 10
Time / 2:45pm - 3:45pm
Location / McGannon Showrooms,
1617 Hi Line Drive #700
Credit / 1 CEPH 

Elevate your approach to interior design and architecture by harnessing the power of neuroaesthetics to create emotionally engaging and purposeful environments.

In this compelling and informative course on neuroaesthetics we will learn how to harness this knowledge to design interiors that inspire and elevate the human spirit. Participants will explore how to use neuroaesthetics principles to curate environments that positively impact occupants' mood, reduce stress, and inspire tranquility, thereby impacting occupants' mood, creativity, and overall sense of well-being. We will discover the impact of various design elements, such as color, lighting, spatial arrangements, and textures to promote relaxation, productivity, and connection.

Ginger Curtis is an award-winning interior designer, book author, Instagram Influencer, and serial entrepreneur. She is an expert in modern luxury design and has a passion for all things beautiful. After surviving cancer, she began Urbanology Designs in 2015 to inspire and help others elevate their homes' beauty, comfort, and function. Ginger is known for stunning and inspirational design. Her distinctive ability to connect with clients and bring their dreams into reality has led to multiple "best of" awards for design and customer service year after year. She's appeared on several TV and radio shows, podcasts and featured in over 100 magazines and digital publications. Her new and highly acclaimed book, "Beauty By Design," is available nationwide. She is a professional member of the BBB, Interior Design Society, and Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. She resides in Keller with her husband Eric and their five beautiful children.

Ginger Curtis
Urbanology Designs

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