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The Sustainable Bedroom

Date/ Wednesday, April 19
Time / 1pm - 2pm
Location /The Luxury Bed Collection,
1444 Oak Lawn Ave, Ste. 316
Credit / 1 Sustainable CEPH

While creating a sustainable house is the ultimate goal, the bedroom is the perfect place to start. We will explore the following 5 topics that support the sustainable bedroom...

  1. Energy efficiency

  2. Waste reduction

  3. Health

  4. Timelessness

  5. Low carbon footprint

This discussion will also explore the connection a well-designed bedroom can have on your client's health.

The Luxury Bed Collection’s Managing Partner, Henry Bianchi, started his retail career at the nuts-and-bolts level—literally—assembling furniture and installing kitchens for the well-known Swedish retailer IKEA. Seeking a more challenging opportunity led Bianchi to Room & Board, a Midwest company renowned for its partnerships with small, family–owned furniture makers. 

In 2007 Bianchi joined Mary Pat Wallace, Founder of then called Hastens Passion for Beds, where he quickly recognized the value of the bed as the most important piece of furniture in the home. Parlaying his furniture background, Hastens and Vispring became brands he could easily respect based on their quality and century old craftsmen techniques.

As the business evolved, so did Bianchi’s role. His promotion to Managing Partner in 2018, came easy for Wallace as his leadership skills, customer service approach, and science-based mindset paired perfectly with her vision.

Bianchi’s dedication to the company and his team is proven everyday through every customer experience and relationship he builds. Each client is guided through a personalized consultation focused on the feel and performance of each product in their carefully selected collection - ultimately helping clients create sleep environments that are deeply restful and transformative for health and well-being.

Henry Bianchi
Managing Partner, The Luxury Bed Collection

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