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Indoor/Outdoor Living:

Seamless Design/Landscape Collaboration


Amy Thomasson
Principal Designer, House of Amelia

Date/ Thursday, April 20
Time / 11am - Noon
Location / Cantoni Trade, 960 Dragon St
Credit / 1 CEPH

This course, led by premier landscape architect, David Hocker, and celebrated designer, Amy Thomasson, delves into the strong trend of outdoor living and adapting to its benefits and challenges (CLIMATE!).  Enjoy a treasure trove of images of residences around the globe that illustrate the successful marriage of interior design and landscape design.  You'll leave inspired to incorporate outdoor living spaces into your projects.

David Hocker
President and Founding Partner,

Hocker Design Group

Amy Thomasson - Owner and principal designer of House of Amelia, has been designing Dallas interiors and second homes around the country for the past 18 years.  After receiving her degree in Interior Design from Baylor University in 1999, she continued to hone her design skills and knowledge by working with well-respected design influencers in the Dallas design community before opening House of Amelia.

Her personal tastes are highly influenced by her affinity for modern art and design as well as her love for mid-century furniture and architecture.  However, her experience and love of design, in general, give her the unique ability to work in any design style and execute sophisticated, comfortable, and beautiful spaces.  House of Amelia strives to create environments that are well-balanced, comfortable, and reflective of their client's unique personalities and styles.


David Hocker- David is a licensed landscape architect with over fourteen years of experience in landscape architecture and a vast knowledge of horticulture, contributed to over seventeen years in the broader landscape construction and maintenance industry. He launched Hocker Design Group (HDG) in 2005, approaching each project with a strong, hands-on methodology that results in a unique level of commitment and success to the project. As lead designer he extracts influence from surrounding architecture and contextual influences to create outdoor spaces with a clear aesthetic, an approach that is heavily influenced by university and personal time spent in Italy. Creative use of sustainable materials and native or adaptive plants across each site is integral to the design process he has established at HDG. Response to unique design challenges with a commitment to providing responsible and innovative solutions has earned HDG accolades in national and international publications, as well as twenty plus design awards in the short time since the firm’s beginning. He has collective experience collaborating on project typologies including parks, urban plazas and streetscapes, schools, institutions, retail, hospitality, and residential.

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